Chana Dahl and Vegetable Pakoras

chana dhal and pakorasI thought I would have an easy day and throw some knock down chicken in the slow cooker with a few onions, garlic and curry powder. Basically, I’m a lazy chef at home. I can’t be arsed messing about when there’s so much else to do.

chicken slopThe trouble is that I’m quite fussy about food and I wasn’t happy with what came out of the slow cooker. The meat was fine but the onions were boiled instead of browned and the liquid was thin. So I had to grill the chicken to get the skin crispy, sieve the onions out so I could fry them in butter and then thicken the watery curry sauce.

It was all so much faff that I thought I may as well surrender myself to a whole bloody night in the kitchen.

So I soaked and boiled up some chana dhal lentils in half of the watery slop, then slivered a carrot and and courgette and dipped them in gram flour batter to make pakoras, grated cucumber into yoghurt for a bit of raita and finally made a yoghurt curry from one of my cookbooks which was surprisingly delicious.

I served it up to the kids and the Mum in law thinking, “That’s the last time I do that.” And lo and behold, the mum in law (who has never had an Indian meal before) asked if I would re create the meal for her 90th birthday party.

What 90th birthday party?pakoras

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