Chocolate Lovers

We really are a nation of chocolate lovers. Brought to Europe by Cortez, chocolate eventually made it to Britain around 1520 chocolate by this time the conquistadors had learned to make the drink more palatable to European tastes by mixing the ground roasted beans with sugar and vanilla thus offsetting the spicy bitterness of the brew the Aztec’s drank.

886 people from all over the UK were surveyed on their chocolate eating habits. The results were very surprising…

• An astounding 57.2% of would rather have chocolate once per week rather than sex… 1.3% of men agreed!

• 83.1% of women have bought chocolate as a gift for a friend – but eaten it before they could give their friend it!

• 71.7% of women eat a family sized chocolate bar on their own at least twice per year.

• The average UK resident munches their way through 10kg of chocolate per year.

• Men spend £36 per year on chocolate.

• Women spend £57 per year on chocolate.

• A perfect night includes chocolate for 68.3% of women.

• 74.7% of women secretly buy and eat a chocolate bar at least once per week

• Men eat 41% more dark chocolate than women.

• Women eat 54% more white chocolate then men.

• 600ml milk
• 142ml pot double cream
• 100g chopped chocolate

Make it tipsy
• For an alcoholic kick for the grown-ups, add 2 or 3 tbsp brandy.

Pour the milk, double cream and chopped chocolate into a pan. Bring gently to the boil, whisking until smooth. Serve in individual cups or mugs topped with mini marshmallows and a little grated chocolate.

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