Hotel Hints

Couple in a HotelWhat to look for if you’re…

A Romantic Couple

Maybe it’s to celebrate an anniversary, or the purse drainer just left for college, the kids are  with Grandma, or to celebrate three weeks of a successful affair, either way you want to choose a hotel which reflects your romantic mood.
Cleanliness. No one wants hairs in the bath or stains on the sheets but particularly if you’re supposed to be in the mood for love.
The little touches can really inspire romance and we aren’t talking about rose petals strewn across the bed with George Benson playing in the background. It would just be nice to have some champagne included in your room, a big two-person sized bath and a fairly nice view.
No kids. Whether it’s a getaway to the Lakes or the Yorkshire Dales or an island in Spain, the last thing a romantic couple wants when they’re trying to make eyes at each other over their meal is screaming kids flicking their mashed potato around. You don’t need to feel guilty for finding a hotel with a no kids policy.

HotelProfesionalA Professional

Two vital words; mini bar. After three conference meetings in a city you’ve only glimpsed through the window of a taxi, some of you might want to hit the town and make the most of your night away but if you’ve got another three meetings in the morning and you’re exhausted, all you need is tiny bottles of alcohol to knock you out till the morning.
A comfy bed. If you do have a meeting at 9am the next morning it’s important that you can get a good night’s sleep. Some people struggle to sleep anywhere but their own bed but have to compromise when it comes to hotels. You may be wondering how on earth you can ensure that a hotel you’ve chosen has a comfy bed? Many review sites have a search function where you can look for your main criteria, simply type in ‘comfy bed’ and all the reviews will come flooding in for those perfect mattresses that probably have people sleeping past their morning alarm!
A free Wi-Fi connection. In a world of iPads, Google glasses and smart phones you may think that a Wi-Fi connection would be an absolute given at any hotel but some still charge for usage. If you’ve got a last minute presentation to complete make sure you ensure that the hotel isn’t going to charge you for the pleasure.

Family in a HotelA Family

Activities. The important thing for families on holiday is to keep the kids busy. A hotel that has a holiday club and activities in the evening including singing, gigantic mascots are all great. A hotel with good activities for kids means more time for parents to enjoy themselves.
Location. If it was just the two of you it might be nice to have a hotel located in the middle of nowhere so that you can get lost and explore but with the kids in tow needing a wee or complaining if they’re there yet it’s probably best to ‘Google map’ your hotel before you go and ensure that there are museums, parks and restaurants within walking distance.
Quirkiness. If you really want to keep the kids entertained why not go for a hotel with a twist? A hobbit-style hut or a room in an old railway train, a castle, or a cabin in the woods. These types of unique hotels are great for kids and adds excitement. It might be enough for us just to have a few nights away and not have to do the washing up but when it comes to hotels and holiday’s, the kids are much more demanding.

When looking for a holiday no matter the destination getting the right hotel is so important and now there are no excuses for booking a hotel without a recommendation and then complaining when it’s more than disappointing. With the magical world of the internet, the main advice for what to look for in a hotel can be answered with reviews, reviews, reviews.

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