Slow Cookers, What’s That all About?

pulled pork dishSlow cookers. What’s that all about? I haven’t got a proper slow cooker. I’ve got a slow cooking hot plate thing from the seventies that a pan sits on top. A proper slow cooker is a wondrous thing and uses less fuel than a light bulb. We may need to invest in a proper one soon but in the meantime I’m experimenting with what I’ve got.I got this enormous shoulder of pork knocked down in price to £5.49 last night. There’s enough to feed a dozen people here. Here’s what I did.

Mix in a jug:
  • 1 tablespoon of malt vinegar
  • 200ml soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • A shake of powdered ginger

Microwave it for 1 minute then pour over the pork in the slow cooker. Cover and leave it to cook for about 7 hours.

pork in slow cookerWhen I came home a miracle had occurred and the slow cooker was full of juices. I strained off the fat and mixed a tablespoon of watered down cornflour with the remaining juices and cooked on the hob to thicken.

I then cut out all the fat beneath the skin and put the meat (with the skin laying in top) in a hot oven for half an hour until it was crisped and gorgeous.

Served up with boiled rice and a bit of shredded veg it was a super cheap and easy peasy supper.slow cooked pork


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