Strawberry, Prosecco, Campari, Elderflower

Strawberry ProseccoMakes 6

• 300g strawberries
• 6 sugar cubes (optional)
• 3 shots of elderflower cordial
• 3 shots of Campari
• 1 bottle of Prosecco


Chop and blend half of the strawberries them. Strain the strawberry puree into a jug through a sieve, to eliminate the seeds. When you are ready to serve the cocktail place a cube of sugar at the bottom of each glass. Pour half a shot of elderflower into each glass, followed by half a shot of Campari and half a shot of strained strawberry puree. Open the Prosecco bottle and top each flute with fizzy wine. Mix with a cocktail stirrer and serve with the remaining strawberries.

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