A Taste of Home – Farmhouse Biscuits

Farmhouse Biscuits

The success story of Farmhouse Biscuits began in the grim winter of 1962/3, when Philip and Dorothy McIvor started selling home-made cakes and biscuits to keep the proverbial wolf from the door of their frozen-up farm at Twiston, on Pendle’s slopes. Their products were a hit on the local markets, and after moving to another farm at Barrowford in 1967 they installed bigger bakery equipment to keep up with demand for their delicious biscuits that looked and tasted much better than the mass-produced supermarket stuff. Today, after a move to Nelson town centre and further expansion, Farmhouse Biscuits are famed throughout the UK and abroad for quality products that sell everywhere from the corner shop to the most exclusive department stores like Harrods, and Fortnum and Mason.

The product lines include all the traditional favourites: oat flips, mild ginger, coconut drops, cherry and almond, priory crumble, melting moments, fruit crumbles, lemon biscuits, cottage crunch, farmhouse oats, wholewheat ginger, honey and oat, plain shrewsbury, currant shrewsbury, chocolate chip, brandy snaps, shortbread rings, shortbread blocks, chocolate oat flips, chocolate fruit ginger and chocolate shortbread, that all come in the familiar plain white Farmhouse Biscuits packs with seethrough wrap.

A huge range of other specialities includes sugarfree and gluten-free lines, luxury packets, Christmas tins, hessian gift bags, teddy tubes, ‘ying yang’ tins, citrus fruits tins and tubes, and corporate gifts.

Feeling tempted? Farmhouse Biscuits are available from good retailers, online from www.farmhouse-biscuits.co.uk or the factory shops at Southfield Street, Nelson, or Dockray Street, Colne.

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