Smoky Gingerbread Manhattan

West Park Smoky Gingerbread ManhattanWest Park Smoky Gingerbread Manhattan

Created by Mark Young, Bar Manager at West Park Hotel, Harrogate’s latest destination bar and luxury boutique hotel.

Ingredients for one cocktail:

  • 30ml Whisky
  • 30ml Pain d’Epices Gingerbread Liqueur
  • 15ml Vermouth
  • 15ml Apple Juice
  • Gingerbread men to garnish


  • Place all ingredients into a mixing glass.
  • Shake with ice then stir until combined and strain into a carafe.
  • Add a 1 inch cube of food grade dry ice* to the carafe, leave to ‘smoke’ for one minute then strain into a chilled martini glass (with ice ball).
  • Serve with freshly baked gingerbread men

*NB Follow safety precautions when handling dry ice. Do not add directly to the drink and do not consume.

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